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Google Search

Postby Justin Hoch » Fri Sep 02, 2011 4:57 pm

When google searching (Formula 500) for information on these cars, this site comes up near the bottom of the first page even though it seems to be the largest dedicated online community. Most pages listed above it are substantially less applicable to the information somebody doing this search would be seeking. Even though it's hoplessly out of date, still shows up first. Unfortunately it links to the OLD Formula 500 forum at page that is no longer valid and I don't see a way to get here directly from eformulacarnews. Following that is Wikipedia (ok since it does have a link to here at least), the heavily biased, the very low traffic F500 forum at Apex Speed, Dolphin Motorsports who rents out (or at least used to rent out) F500's, and last but not least a solitary Grassroots Motorsports $20XX classified post from 2009 trying to sell a F500.

Is there anything that can be done to improve the Google search visibility of this site? At the same time it would be good to get Formula 600, F500, F600, and formula600 (one word) searches bringing up this site near the top of the first page as well, since visibility there is non-existant. Formula500 (one word) does actually place this site reasonably in the results between the F500 Apex Speed forum and

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