2017 Runoffs @ Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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2017 Runoffs @ Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Postby Tim Friest » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:22 pm

Here's a thread to discuss the 2017 Runoffs... If anyone still reads this site...

I thought the track was great, smooth and more technical than I expected for a roval.
The yellow shirts seemed to handle the event better than other track staff at pro tracks having their first SCCA event.

The qualifying wasn't ideal, combining with FF had way to many cars on track and having them split the classes so that faster FFs came out behind slower F500s didn't help.

The race seemed to go pretty well. We didn't have a big wreck at turn 1 (despite a car spinning), but some cars were pushed off into the grass or cut the corner through pit out. No full course cautions or black flags, so that's not bad for a 38 car field.

Congrats to Clint McMahan for the win. Although he ran away with it, it sounds like 2nd-4th had some competition.

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