Runoffs - Share Double Garage

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Cory McLeod
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Runoffs - Share Double Garage

Postby Cory McLeod » Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:38 am

I just registered for the Runoffs and reserved a double garage in the Yellow building. The garage numbers are Yellow 53 & 66 (go to the SCCA site/Programs/Runoffs/Participant Information/ to see a parking map). If anyone would like to use garage 53, just let me know. I paid $1,100 for the full double garage, but would just like to get reimbursed $400 for use of half the garage. The only minor complication is that there will only be one parking spot for trailers/tow vehicles. If your trailer is small, we can probably fit both in the one spot, because it is very deep. Otherwise, you will have to park your trailer somewhere else after you unload.

Thanks, Cory
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