What engines are legal

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Michael Marino
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What engines are legal

Postby Michael Marino » Fri Jan 04, 2008 5:16 pm

What are the engines allow in F 500?

Ted Rudolph
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Postby Ted Rudolph » Fri Jan 04, 2008 5:53 pm

There are 5 legal engines in F500:

From the GCR, page 1239

E.14. Engines
Engines shall be two-cylinder, two-cycle, water-cooled in stock configuration as listed below:

Fuji “Chaparralâ€￾ Model G44bw.
“Kawasaki TC440Aâ€￾/C-200, B-201, C-201, C-202, F-202, and G-203.
The F-202 and the G-203 are electric start engines.
Cylinder head P/N 440/2A is permitted for the engines listed.
Only the “Aâ€￾ series engine is legal; the use of any parts from other
Kawasaki series engines is prohibited.
Rotax Model 494 and Model 493, single expansion chamber and
electric and/or pull starter. Rotax 494 RAVE engine not allowed.
AMW engine model no. 250-2 RC2, two-cylinder, two cycle, liquid
cooled, reed valve engine

Realistically the Rotax Models are the only really competitve units for Raod Racing. The AMW, while competitve, suffers from reliabilty issues.

The Kawasaki motor is still competitve in Solo events, although much harder to tune.
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