Buck Muse Double SARRC - CMP

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Buck Muse Double SARRC - CMP

Postby George Bugg » Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:26 am

Buck Muse Double SARRC – Carolina Motorsports Park

It’s an 8 hour tow from Huntsville, AL to Kershaw, SC – if the traffic in/through Atlanta is cooperating. And it was as smooth a trip as I can remember. When I arrived at the track on Friday afternoon it was hot – in the upper 80’s – and threatening rain, but I had no problem getting set up, registered, and through tech. The folks from SCR are extremely efficient and ran a flawless race weekend! THANKS!!
After a reasonable night’s sleep in the trailer, I awoke to light rain and a weather map that showed green/yellow/red blotches over the entire area. On with the rain tires and out to the track for warm up and Q1. I’ve been chasing an intermittent fuel issue for almost a year now, and sure ‘nuf it showed up again during qualifying. When I got in, I finally found the fuel filter was doing its job and had collected a small piece of rubber apparently shaved off when I’d made up one of my fuel lines. The rubber piece was making a nice little flapper valve against the screen when I asked for maximum flow. (**NOTE: Clean those lines better after assembling the end fittings.)

Mainly because of the rain during the Q1 session (a lot of the fast guys didn’t go out) I started the first race mid pack. There were no other F6s or F5s, but a good mix of FM, FW, FC, FA, and FF. I got a decent start passing one FM and tucking in behind a FC and we motored around the first lap staying mostly in a line. The FC driver seemed timid and I attempted a couple of passes in the tight corners, but no luck. Then coming onto the front straight – T14, is it? – I got under him and was turning in when something in the rear end came loose and I found myself in the sand looking back at the corner station. I got re-started, but only made it a half lap before the chain jumped off and I watched a great race from the T3 worker station. Race 1 was a DNF. Back in the paddock I started looking into the failure. After finding a lateral link had come un-done, I had a stern talk with my chief mechanic (I don’t think I actually fired myself, but I came darn close!) and went back through every nut and bolt to verify they were tight.

Sunday weather was just about perfect. High 70’s and partly sunny. The car ran better than ever during the warm up session. But when I came in I noticed the inner chain had started to turn blue – that’s a bad sign since I hadn’t thought to throw the extra chain in. I lubed it up good and got ready for Q2. My plan was to finish the second race, so I came in after only 4 or 5 easy laps of qualifying (somewhere in the 1:40’s when it should have been in the mid 1:30’s. yikes!) After the session, I looked at the chain and was horrified to see that most of the o-rings were gone and the chain was solid blue and slack. Now I was really worried. I had beaten myself on Saturday and now it wasn’t looking good for a finish on Sunday. But I buttoned it up with an extra dose of chain lube and a prayer and got read for the race.

My stellar performance in Q2 was rewarded with the last spot in the grid. But at least I wouldn’t be in anyone’s way. And as I counted down the laps to the half-way mark I focused on not getting run over by the fast guys and trying not to mess up anyone else’s race. I pulled in after 8 or 9 laps, rolled over the scales (at 901, so my driver ballast reduction program is working, at least!) and collected an official “winâ€￾.

On reflection… I love the car! I need to keep better records. I think I have 3 or 4 race weekends and as many Time Trials weekends on the chain, so it was time to change it (and look for a better way to get some cooling air on it). I put 18â€￾ tires on instead of the 19.5’s and like them a LOT better. I need to get some of the understeer out of it, but I really need to get some more seat time before I make a bunch of changes. Bottom line: I had a BLAST! Hope to see y’all out there. And THANKS to the F600 committee for pushing this through!! …hey was that that first “officialâ€￾ F600 win? Maybe I’ll be famous some day. lol
George Bugg
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Chris Ross

Postby Chris Ross » Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:22 am

I was tempted to come down on Sunday, but I figured I better stay home and work on the car. I'm only about an hour from CMP so give me a shout in the future if you have issues. I have a spare chain and could have run it down to you.

I typically replace the inner chain every 4 to 6 weekends, depending on if they were single or double weekends and if I did the practice days.

Congrats on nursing it through on Sunday and getting the first official win in the F600 class.

Jim Murphy
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Postby Jim Murphy » Mon Apr 02, 2012 5:31 pm

Clint and Dan have been installing all kinds of heat shields (DEI?) between the header/motor and the chains along with an air duct for cooling. You can't have too much heat shielding.


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