Time to retire from building cars

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Jay Novak
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Time to retire from building cars

Postby Jay Novak » Wed Oct 26, 2016 7:47 pm

Racers and car builders. I just turned 75 about 2 weeks ago and it is time to retire from building cars for customers. I am looking to make a deal with a serious committed builder who wants to take over the build and sale of the Nova Blade F500.

We have designed, built and sold 4 of the new Blade F500s as well as over 30 other cars including F500s, F1000, Sports Racers and an electric car for Pikes Peak. Our cars have won a total of 8 Major Championships both Pro and SCCA as well as 2 solo Fmod championships. I have also served on numerous technical committees for the SCCA and I spent over a year negotiating the original approval of the Rotax 494 for use in the SCCA F500 class.
You might guess that I am getting tired. I want to race again and I can't when I am building cars for other people.
Here are the Blades that have been built.
1. A 1000cc powered solo Blade
2. Calvin Stewart's Daytona Runoffs winning car and the pole sitter at the Mid-Ohio Runoffs with a qualifying record of 1:28.5. The car DNFd due to a fuel pump failure. The first and only DNF in 3 seasons of racing.
3. Barry Luterek's car he recently purchased from Chris Ross. Finished 1st and 2nd in his first race weekend at Blackhawk Farms and also with fastest lap of the weekend.
4. Tom Diehm's 593 Rotax powered Blade that finished 3rd at the Mid-Ohio Runoffs in the very first outing in the car. The car had less than 10 laps on it prior to the race.
Tom's car is actually a redesign of the car in order to fit much bigger drivers in the car.

We have been developing the Blade F500 for 3 years and it is the fastest F500 on the planet.

The chassis has been redesigned to fit bigger drivers and has resulted in a chassis that is 5" wider at the drivers hips and 4" longer in the seat area. The engine bay has also been redesigned to allow for the installation of both the MC engines and the Rotax 2 stroke without changes to the chassis. This race car design has been completely done in 3D software using SolidWorks and this includes the body which was also designed in SolidWorks and CFD analysis also completed. This has resulted in an aerodynamic package that has a frontal area that is 8.5% smaller than our 2 time Runoffs winning Rakavon F500. This effort has produced the fastest F500 ever and it will only get better with continued development.

What I am looking for is a committed and capable builder who is willing to work with me on the continued development of these great racecars.

I am not defining any kind of required deal. It is more important to me to find the right person or persons to continue the development of this great race car. I am totally open to creating a deal that will work for all parties. My current suppliers are great businesses and will commit to building any and all parts required to sell car kits or completed cars.

If you are capable of handling a project of this size and are interested in building the fastest lowest cost road racing car give me a call or send me an email and we will discuss.

Jay Novak
jaynovak at comcast dot net

Of course I have SolidWorks models and drawings for EVERY Part of the car.
Tom Diehm's car. 3rd at the Runoffs with about 10 laps on the car before the race
image.jpeg (152.46 KiB) Viewed 17925 times
Barry Luterek's MC powered car. Fastest lap and a 1st and 2nd place first time in the car
image.jpeg (50.28 KiB) Viewed 17925 times
Cal at Daytona, totally trimmed out at 159 mph.
image.jpeg (44.76 KiB) Viewed 17925 times
Cal on the infield at Daytona. He won!
image.jpeg (74.38 KiB) Viewed 17925 times
... Jay Novak
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A special thanks to all SCCA workers

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