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Greg Zimmer
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F-Mod Car For Sale ('84 Red Devil) - SOLD

Postby Greg Zimmer » Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:39 pm

Two young kids and other time commitments mean it is time to step away from F-Mod for a while. The car started off as a 1984 Red Devil. It has since been updated/modified several times. I believe it now has a modified KBS back half. The general specs for the car:
- 493 Motor (3 events since it was freshened up)
- Polaris Primary
- Team TSS-04 Secondary
- Chain Drive
- Aluminum fuel tank behind/under the seat back(not a fuel cell)
- 75" wheelbase (was originally a short wheelbase car)
- Electronic Power Steering

Asking price for the car is $5,000 OBO.

The 12'x6' + v-nose enclosed trailer I use for the car is also available and would add $1,000 to the price of the car.

The car is located in the Tampa, FL area. I will be driving up to Ohio at some point this spring/early summer. So, delivery along that route is a potential option.

The car recently finished first and second (in a field of 6) at the Ft Myers Pro Solo. In 2015, I finished mid-pack at nationals in the car, but I think I'm generally a mid-pack driver at this point.

The car currently has a RaceCapture Pro data logger setup and a Digitron tach/EGT. The data logger is setup with engine RPM, throttle position, steering position, and front brake pressure (in addition to the GPS and accelerometer integrated in the unit). It still requires some tinkering, but it integrates fairly well with the SoloStorm app.

There are a lot of spares that would come with the car. Some of them are well used, others are in good shape. I have a couple motors that need top end work and one that was described as a running junk yard motor. I haven't opened it up yet, but I was expecting to put a set of rings in it. There are a few new 493 pistons and a gasket set. I also have a good used primary clutch. Lots of clutch weights. A few different primary and secondary clutches that I believe were used earlier in the car's history. A few suspension and brake spares. A set of wheels with rain tires (older, but still somewhat soft), and 3 other complete sets of wheels (one with new tires - only ran at the Ft Myers Pro, one with last year's tires, and one with the prior year's tired). I have two more sets of wheels that have 1 rim damaged - both damaged during tire mounting.


Additional Pictures here: https://goo.gl/photos/yjxzRm2jXsiFAKzCA
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Jim Murphy
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Re: F-Mod Car For Sale ('84 Red Devil) - $5k

Postby Jim Murphy » Thu Mar 30, 2017 10:43 am

Yes, this is my old F Mod car which I campaigned from 1987 until 2006?
My co-drivers have won the Solo Nationals twice in this car and there are
too many national trophies to count - I have three of them.

These are the upgrades not mentioned that I did but some may not be there now:

*Used a shorter wheelbase Red Devil to help with turning needed for solo.
*KBS rear clip - to eliminate the rear clip from being suspended ('84 Red Devil) - now only the axle is suspended.
*Four link trailing arms and adjustable Watts Link
*Chain drive - replaced the racheting belt drive which dragged down the bearings (this slows the car)
*4.3:1 Final drive ratio for solo
*Four piston rear brake caliper
*Hollow (gun bored?) rear axle
*Latest technology, at that time, CVT clutches tuned for solo - used all the tricks
*Better adjustable rear rocker arm suspension.
*493 with a support for the muffler so that the expansion pipe does not crack.
*Front adjustable rocker arm suspension
*Smallest steering wheel for quicker steering ratio needed in Solo.
*Shortest steering arms possible to help catch the rear in a slide.
*Quickest ratio steering rack/pinion for this as well.
*Front A arms modified for better camber increase for more front end bite
*Steering arms moved to eliminate bump steer
*Front end aligned with driver onboard with toe-out and settings for solo and corner weighed
*Very rare KBS front wheels with 5" inner straight halves and 3" outer halves - improves turning
*Front suspension moved to meet the maximum width of 55".
*Electric fans for both large radiators - keep the temperatures down below 150 degrees to save the motor.
*Electric water pump to cool down the motor between runs - separate switch to operate fans and pump for this.
*Connector for auxiliary battery between runs
*Electric fuel pump to fill the fuel bowls which helps with starting a cold motor and acts as a backup to the diaphram pump.
*Very large cockpit modified to fit my 6'3" 250lb body comfortably with a sit up seat and taller main roll hoop.
Modifications done by Duane Dunham and Dan McMahan who is the mechanic for Clint McMahan in F500 road racing.

This car was maxed out and capable of winning the Solo Nationals with the right driver/tuner.

An absolute steal at this price because of what has to be done to convert a road race F500 into a
competitive F Mod solo car.

Buy this and win the Solo Nationals.

Note - I discovered long ago that ONLY a center post tire changer will safely change the tires on these soft aluminum wheels.
A rim changer is to be avoided at all costs.

Only needed to ask . . . . .

Been messing with these cars since 1982

Greg Zimmer
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Re: F-Mod Car For Sale ('84 Red Devil) - $5k

Postby Greg Zimmer » Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:43 am

Thanks, Jim. Most of what you listed still applies to the car.

I know the rear axle has been replaced with one from Mike Quadrini, which is the standard replacement for the KBS / QRE cars. I think it is 3/8" wall. The old one was bent when I bought the car.

The gearing has also been changed to be a little (numerically) higher than the 4.3:1 you listed.

I'm confident that, while I've owned it, the car has always been quicker than the driver :-)

Greg Zimmer
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Re: F-Mod Car For Sale ('84 Red Devil) - $5k

Postby Greg Zimmer » Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:47 am

This car has sold. It is headed out to Wichita, KS.

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