SOLD - 89 Raptor Autocross car, extra engine and tons of spares

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SOLD - 89 Raptor Autocross car, extra engine and tons of spares

Postby srmorse » Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:22 pm

Up for sale is our 1989 Raptor which has been an extremely competitive autocross car and should be competitive at a national level as is. We purchased the car a couple years back, and the car was well known to Mike Quadrini as a good autocross car. We've done a lot of work on the car since purchasing it, making improvements and upgrading and we are consistently among the fastest raw time at events, and extremely competitive PAX-wise as well with several podium finishes with my son and several top 10s with me as a driver. This car is very similar to the car that Darren Seltzer and now Zak Kiesel run nationally. Car is very tunable, and very minimal which makes it a great platform. Car was converted to a 4 link set up by Q many years ago and is powered by a 494 Non-RAVE motor. When purchased we had it gone through and made sure everything was solid and crack free. Rollbar was extended to fit me and additional brace put in place. Car is ready to go, and ready to set FTD.

I have a bunch of notes from both Mike Quadrini and Darren Seltzer as well guiding setup, parts, etc. Looking for $7,500 for car and all spares. Photos of the car, both as bought as well as some of the work done can be found in the gallery at

Reason for selling is my co-driver is off to college, and I'm just looking to simplify logistics by going back to running a street class. I know I will miss the adrenaline rush this car's unlike anything I've ever experienced. Car is incredibly cheap to run (much cheaper than karts were for us), and I can't imagine more bang for the buck than this offers.

89 Raptor. Dry weight right around 580. Very light car
Wilwood brakes
494 non RAVE motor
Quadrini 4 link rear
Custom weight board for drivers under 220 pounds
Electric water pump
Electric start
Electric fan
Mychron 4 with E-box
Will fit tall drivers easily - with ability to change for driver changes easily
Belt drive - current ratio is 4.1:1
18" height tires

2017 work
Rebuilt primary clutch
Formula x-1 clutch
Lower rear with 8.5" rod and new rod ends
New axle bearings
Tubular axle
Added 26t front
Fiberglass side pod and nose repair and repaint

2016 work
Many new rod ends
Narrowed front end (made legal)
Rebuilt shocks
Repaint chassis
Rebuild carbs
New rear pads
38mm carb conversion
Primer system
Mychron 4 with ebox
Electric water pump

Spares/Parts/Tools (almost enough to assemble another car if you had a second chassis):
2 sets of wheels, each with one season old 18” Hoosiers - one set Douglas, one set Kaiser
1 set rain rims (tires very hard)
Extra pipe
Extra 494 motor and manifold
Spare primary and secondary clutches
Spare starter
extra set of safety belts
34 mm carbs
Large assortment of jets
Multiple spare brake pads (new)
Multiple spare clutch belts
Spare drive belt
Numerous drive cogs
130 rear gear
Several spare rod ends (new and used)
Misc tools
Custom muffler for sound restricted events
Spare spark plugs
Formula car jack
Ratcheting stand
Spare silencers
Spare nose cone
Numerous extra clutch weights
Numerous clutch springs
Misc oils, lubricants, etc
Extra seat
Misc tubing, switches, spacers, etc

Will consider some trades...will be looking for starter car for daughter, porsche 911 parts, maybe shifter kart...worst I can do is say no! Can reach me at 518.951.9753 or Saul (at) photoplace (dot) com. Car is in the Albany NY area
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Re: 89 Raptor Autocross car, extra engine and tons of spares

Postby srmorse » Sat Apr 07, 2018 3:28 pm

Car has SOLD and will be headed to Philly area to compete there! Look’s fast!

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